IFPA13 World Pinball Championship – ROUND OF 16 results!


Josh Sharpe d. Johan Genberg (4-0)
Josh won on Wizard, Eight Ball, Robocop, Indy 500

Julio Vicario Soriano d. Zach Sharpe (4-1)
Julio won on X-Men, Party Zone, Indy 500, Wizard
Zach won on The Addams Family

Daniele Acciari d. Markus Stix (4-1)
Daniele won on Heavy Metal Meltdown, Super Orbit, World Cup Soccer, Lost World
Markus won on Cirqus Voltaire

Adam Becker d. Robert Sutter (5-3)
Adam won on Attack from Mars, Quicksilver, Flash Gordon, Eight Ball Deluxe, Centaur
Robert won on Dracula, Harlem Globetrotters, The Walking Dead

Lyman Sheats d. Mats Runsten (5-3)
Lyman won on Surf N Safari, Dirty Harry, Ironman, The Addams Family, Space Race
Mats won on Lost World, Wizard, Whirlwind

Andrei Massenkoff d. Trent Augenstein (4-2)
Andrei won on Whirlwind, The Shadow, Volley, Metallica
Trent won on Wizard, Party Zone

Jon Replogle d. Bowen Kerins (4-1)
Jon won on The Shadow, Wizard, Attack From Mars, Meteor
Bowen won on The Addams Family

Jim Belsito d. Colin Macalpine (5-3)
Jim won on Avengers, The Addams Family, Indy 500, Surf N Safari, Heavy Metal Meltdown
Colin Macalpine won on Whirlwind, Hokus Pokus, Meteor

Bracket available HERE.

Game list available HERE.

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