WPPR formula change to v5.4 for 2018!

Since the release of WPPR v5.3 for the 2017 season, the IFPA has continued investigating ways to make the World Pinball Player Rankings more accurate for how we rank players across the globe.

These latest changes will be incorporated into WPPR v5.4 which will be implemented starting January 1, 2018.

Please note that for all 2017 IFPA related activities (qualifying for 2017-18 SCS, 2017-18 ECS, IFPA15, etc), version 5.3 will be used for that qualification process.

Below is an overview of changes for the updated 2018 formula:

  • We are rolling back the “50%+” participation rule to be just the “50%” rule. Under WPPR v5.3, the participation percentage was be based on the number of participants for any event with greater than 50 players. For example, a tournament with 75 players will only be allowed to submit results where a player participated in at least 75% of the qualifying requirements. Any tournament with 100 players or more can only include players that have participated in 100% of the qualifying requirements. For 2018, no matter the player count, any IFPA-endorsed tournament or league with a qualifying portion, players can only be included in IFPA final results if they have met at least 50% of all qualifying requirements. Players that advance to the final round despite not meeting this percentage may also be included in the final standings submitted to the IFPA.

For full detailed information on the 2018 formula, click HERE. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at ifpapinball@gmail.com. Please check back when we announce that WPPR v5.4 has been implemented for 2018 as the details may always change prior to launch.

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