October 2008 update

WPPR_monthly_release__Oct_2008_.jpgOctober saw the list of players ranked in the World Pinball Player Rankings eclipse 3000 players, increasing (10%) from 2835 players on September 1st to 3124 players on October 1st. To have started with 400 players in April of 2006, and have grown so quickly only goes to show that demand for competitive pinball is at an all time high. 

Biggest movers during September included Christer Carlsson moving up 1493 spots by qualifying for the finals of the Boras Pinball Open in Sweden. Karin Kolbe moved up 1488 spots by qualifying for the finals of the Karbener Pinball Tournament in Germany. Dean St. Antoine moved up 1444 spots from his 4th place finish at the Stern-IFPA AMOA Pinball Championships.
Upcoming events in October include the 24th annual Pinball Expo Flip-Out Tournament in Chicago (
http://www.pinballexpo.net) and the Pacific Pinball Exposition in California (http://www.pacificpinball.org/).

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