Pinball champ gets the ball rolling for female state competitions

CBS affiliate KOIN6 in Portland, OR can’t get enough of IFPA Director and former IFPA Women’s World Pinball Champion Zoe Vrabel. Click HERE for more Zoe (and some Colin Urban).

3 responses to “Pinball champ gets the ball rolling for female state competitions”

  1. Great article! Glad to see women in pinball getting recognized for their efforts! I feel like it’s slightly misleading about one thing though- Ohio started the women’s state championship trend last year 😎

  2. Zoe Vrabel Zoe Vrabel says:

    We 100% stole the idea from Ohio, and I try to highlight that fact when I talk about the larger initiative. Unfortunately, they didn’t do a final fact check with me (and I almost had a heart attack reading that NACS and Women’s Champs were “next week”, hahahah).

  3. Ash Talbott says:

    Awesome! Just awesome! Thanks for all you are doing!

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