IFPA’s World Pinball Player Rankings reaches 15,000 players ranked!

In June 2011 we were excited to finally see the player count in the IFPA's World Pinball Player Rankings top 10,000 players. The World Pinball Player Rankings continues to show no signs of slowing down within the competitive pinball community. We’re pleased to announce that we've just reached 15,000 players ranked just over a year later. With these players coming from 36 different countries, competitive pinball truly is a global sport that continues to grow at a rapid pace.

We’ve also seen incredible growth in the number of tournaments popping up all over the world. Even compared to just a year ago, we’re uploading an average of 71 tournament results per month during 2012, compared to 64 tournaments per month for 2011, an increase of right around 10%. Average player count per event is also up from 28 players per tournament during 2011 to 31 players per tournament during 2012.

The IFPA wishes to thank everyone in the competitive pinball community for continuing to support everything we do to spread the world about our incredible sport to the masses.

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