Cayle George wins IFPA8 World Pinball Championship!

64 of the World’s greatest players traveled from 16 countries to compete in the 8th Annual International Flipper Pinball Association’s World Pinball Championship. After nearly 3 days of the most intense competitive pinball experience the world has to offer, there could only be one World Pinball Champion. After defeating Michael Trepp from Switzerland (4-1), Tobias Lund from Sweden (5-3), and Zach Sharpe from the USA (5-3), Cayle went on to defeat Andreas Harre from Germany (4-2) to become the new World Pinball Champion. Zach Sharpe defeated Patrik Bodin for 3rd place.

One response to “Cayle George wins IFPA8 World Pinball Championship!”

  1. Sean Grant says:

    It only took 3 years for my prediction to come true!  Congrats, Cayle!  I knew you could do it!!!!  

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