Julio Vicario Soriano wins the third Torneo de Pinballs de Sant Jordi!

The third edition of Torneo de Pinball de Sant Jordi was a wonderfull day of pinball in an amazing location in the Island of Mallorca. 8 pinball machines where located in a old country house, near to the Mallorca Airport. The building looked like it was set up just for pinball. The machines were Black Knight 2000, Whirlwind, Dr Dude, Party Zone, The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard, White Water, Road Show and Champions Pub. 24 players (3 from France, 3 from Italy and the rest from the island or the spanish inland) had a lot of fun playing the machines, listening to music, having lunch outside with a delicious BBQ and cooling off in the pool on the back. Groups of four where created, and each group had to play one single game in any machine. After all games where played, every pinball had his own standing, giving 50 points to the top position, 49 to the second and so on decreasing until the last one. The player with most points ADDED FOR ALL THE MACHINES ENDED UP THE WINNER, WHO WAS the spanish number 1 Julio Vicario Soriano. The second position was taken by the organizer Pedro Díaz Gual, while Nicola Pierobon ended up third. Very nice home-custumed plaques were awarded to the top three, before going back to more pinball for the rest of the day.

The machines behaved perfectly for all day, making the event a must for the future for all the participants. Everybody is invited to the next year edition.

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