Project Pinball – Saving The Pinball Machine at SWFL Children’s Hospital

Recently, a broken and very dirty Stern Spiderman pinball machine was discovered in a rec room of the Chrissy Brown Cancer Unit of the Children's Hospital in Fort Myers.

The machine was a memorial gift donated to the hospital in the name of Jimmy Schneeberger (2/17/89 – 4/13/00). It was VERY well loved – with over 21,000 plays.

Project Pinball is undertaking its repair in honor of Jimmy and all of the kids who are undergoing treatment in the hospital. They will clean it, replace all of the broken parts, do a complete refurbishment

of the machine, and do periodic maintenance to keep it running.

Project Pinball is seeking your help. They need donations to off-set the costs, and if support is great, to purchase a second machine for the Children's Hospital.

To learn more about this project and to donate, visit the following sites:



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