Steve Edwards, The Newly Crowned Australian Champion

1461046_643007442418119_803560503_n[player]Steve Edwards[/player] is the newly crowned Australian champion and the winner of a brand new Avengers PRO pinball machine. The Australian Timezone Supanova Pinball Championship culminated at the Grand Final held at Supanova Pop Culture Expo this Sunday. On the photo, Steve receives the trophy cup from an Australian actor Liam McIntyre. In his other hand is a certificate of ownership of Avengers PRO pinball machine provided by Amusement Machine Distributors. The players could qualify throughout the year at over 50 pinball locations around the country as well as at the  Supanova events. We estimate that over 2500 people were involved in this championship. The Australian Pinball League is delighted about the partnership with Timezone Australia and the Supanova Pop Culture Expo. We have exposed pinball to over 180,000 predominantly young people throughout the year and saw some new young talents succeeding extremely well in the competitions. It leaves no doubt that the future for pinball is bright.

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