Youth Rankings

There are 284 future pinball wizards in the IFPA rankings! These are players under the age of 18 and how they played in Open Tournaments.

Player Picture
Escher Lefkoff
CO, United States
Player Picture
Colin Urban
Portland, OR, United States
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Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
PA, United States
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Paul Englert
Aachen, NRW, Germany
Player Picture
Jason Zahler
United States
Rank Name Age Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament
1st Escher Lefkoff 16 CO, United States 6th 996.56 PAPA World Pinball Championshi - 1st
2nd Colin Urban 17 Portland, OR, United States 7th 946.48 The Open - IFPA World Champion - 2nd
3rd Aleksander Kaczmarczyk 17 PA, United States 14th 827.86 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 9th
4th Paul Englert 13 Aachen, NRW, Germany 26th 697.44 IFPA German Championship Serie - 1st
5th Jason Zahler 15 United States 59th 555.83 PinFest IFPA Tournament - 1st
6th Markus Virtanen 16 Tervakoski, Finland 118th 412.39 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2019 - S - 6th
7th Danielle Peck 17 Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 128th 397.66 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 1st
8th Viggo Löwgren 13 Furulund, Skå, Sweden 144th 379.83 Super Classic Pinball Open - 1st
9th Zach McCarthy 14 United States 167th 354.57 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 2nd
10th Arvid Flygare 11 Lund, Skå, Sweden 177th 346.16 German Pinball Open - 5th
11th Zachary Parks 17 Evanston, IL, United States 237th 307.3 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 4th
12th Graham Stiver 17 Fort Wayne, IN, United States 258th 290.8 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 1st
13th Neil Graf 15 Appleton, WI, United States 327th 264.23 TitleTown Pinball August 2019 - 2nd
14th Matthew Richardson 15 Medford, NJ, United States 331st 263.8 First State Flippers DE Tour C - 1st
15th Bryce Revnew 16 The Woodlands, TX, United States 333rd 263.22 Texas Pinball League - 2nd
16th Austin Kemp 17 Collinsville, TX, United States 338th 262.43 Texas Pinball League - 2nd
17th Jack revnew 14 The Woodlands, TX, United States 375th 245.37 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 1st
18th Kassidy Milanowski 13 Appleton, WI, United States 394th 240.33 TitleTown Pinball Tues Night C - 1st
19th Ben Finkel 15 Fort Wayne, IN, United States 406th 237.13 Stern Army - $500 Wizard's Wor - 2nd
20th Ben Whittington 17 The Woodlands, TX, United States 448th 222.85 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 1st
21st Braden Gentry 17 Auburn, AL, United States 591st 187.6 Pinvasion - 4th
22nd Jakub Tkacz 17 Poland 637th 178.02 Hungarian Pinball Open - 9th
23rd Emily Cosson 16 Gold Coast, QLD, Australia 642nd 177.54 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 6th
24th Anthony Lambos Jr 17 Hamburg, NJ, United States 644th 177.32 CRAP Connecticut Rhode Island - 2nd
25th Miles Grant 17 Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada 679th 168.74 Northwest Pinball and Arcade S - 2nd
26th Hugo Ritter 14 Switzerland 830th 146.66 Extra-Ball & Tapas - 1st
27th Nick Fitzpatrick 17 Scotts Valley, CA, United States 1017th 122.85 Golden State Pinball Festival - 2nd
28th Carter Casselman 12 Ottawa, ON, Canada 1057th 118.27 O-Town Throwdown - 5th
29th John Inman 17 Muncie, IN, United States 1070th 116.14 Indiana Pinball Show - 1st
30th Nate Grant 14 Pelzer, SC, United States 1076th 115 Fellowship of the Silver Ball - 2nd
31st Nick Greenen 16 Kitchener, ON, Canada 1101st 113.53 IFPA Ontario Provincial Pinbal - 2nd
32nd Christian Hammer 13 Köln, NRW, Germany 1189th 106.59 Freddy's Pinball Paradise Open - 10th
33rd Tim Klaesson 17 Sävsjö, Sweden 1213th 104.52 Borås Pinball Classic Open - 10th
34th Valter Odler 15 Hungary 1254th 101.52 Hungarian Pinball Open - 13th
35th David Gray jr 16 Mesa, AZ, United States 1406th 91.85 Pinburgh Satellite - Starfight - 2nd
36th Gregory Kennedy 14 Plain City, OH, United States 1450th 89.23 Tilt Summer Pinball Thing Stri - 5th
37th Seamus Meader 13 Somerville, MA, United States 1582nd 81.93 New England Pinball League - 9th
38th Don Johnson Jr 13 Cleveland, OH, United States 1696th 76.17 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball - 13th
39th Topi Ahonen 10 Finland 1755th 74 Pelihelvetti Pinball Master - 5th
40th Miette Dronet 14 Houston, TX, United States 1852nd 69.48 Last Chance to BE SOMEONE - 8th
41st Addison Mount 17 Auburn, AL, United States 1873rd 68.5 NeanderTron - Strike 2 - 3rd
42nd Nicholas Weyna 17 Des Plaines, IL, United States 2018th 62.83 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tourname - 10th
43rd Xyren Silvers 14 Boise, ID, United States 2056th 61.44 Reelin' In The Years - 1st
44th Braden Humphrey 15 Midland, MI, United States 2353rd 52.75 Special When Lit January #1 - 2nd
45th Xavier Batti 16 Calgary, AB, Canada 2369th 52.45 Reaper Champion League - 2nd
46th Christopher Heskett 8 Houston, TX, United States 2459th 50.32 2019 DFW Winter Pinball League - 3rd
47th Albin Dahlén 17 Sweden 2555th 48.17 Bally Classic Open - 4th
48th Hunter Reed 16 TX, United States 2660th 45.67 Space City Pinball: Three Stri - 1st
49th Kayli Bodway 11 Appleton, WI, United States 2700th 44.7 TitleTown Pinball Twice A Mont - 8th
50th Leo Marshall 14 United Kingdom 2815th 42.11 Christmas Cracker - 6th
51st Greeley Oliver 11 Nashville, TN, United States 2843rd 41.55 No Quarter: Weekly Strikes - 2nd
52nd Max Applbaum 16 Pittsburgh, PA, United States 2936th 39.7 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 12th
53rd Silas Lindlahr 15 Bad Honnef, NRW, Germany 2995th 38.52 Flipperliga 7-Mountains-Pinbal - 1st
54th Jackson Cornell 8 Houston, TX, United States 3031st 38 Texas Pinball League - 15th
55th Torkel Husom 13 Bergen, Ves, Norway 3137th 36.09 European Pinball Championship - 140th
56th Sydney Wamsley 14 New Albany, OH, United States 3147th 35.95 Stern Army Elvira Launch Party - 4th
57th Kevin Lubanski 16 PA, United States 3158th 35.53 Stern Army Jurassic Park Launc - 1st
58th Amy Ziegenhagen 15 Germany 3263rd 33.77 Ballymans Birthday Ball 2020 - 12th
59th Noah Fruzynski 17 Pittsburgh, PA, United States 3384th 31.73 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 19th
60th Zoe Yuill 15 Toronto, ON, Canada 3388th 31.71 Send Maya to Ecuador - 3rd
61st Blake Wood 11 Ottawa, ON, Canada 3416th 31.43 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 407th
62nd Anson Stine 14 Baltimore, MD, United States 3435th 31.12 Replay and Wizard Modes Weekly - 1st
63rd Andrea Itt 13 Fort Wayne, IN, United States 3449th 30.83 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 18th
64th Brodde Peterson 17 Madison, WI, United States 3466th 30.63 Schwoegler's Monthly Tournamen - 1st
65th Annabeth Dronet 14 Houston, TX, United States 3488th 30.31 Space City Pinball: Monthly To - 4th
66th Emily Reilhan 17 Port Moody, BC, Canada 3501st 30.17 Super Stacked 3-Strike Tournam - 17th
67th Julian Falhof 14 Denmark 3572nd 29.17 European Pinball Championship - 240th
68th Lauren Hockemeyer 14 Fort Wayne, IN, United States 3826th 26.1 Stern Army - Fort Wayne Pinbal - 16th
69th Chantelle Mercier 17 Hope, BC, Canada 3857th 25.74 Flipper Freaks - 2nd
70th Carl Schöberl 14 Austria 4000th 24.23 Austrian Pinball League - NOE - 1st
71st Collin McCarthy 17 United States 4003rd 24.17 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 294th
72nd Carter Holloway 10 Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 4362nd 21.05 Pukekohe Classics Classic - 20th
73rd Sebastian Vidal 13 FL, United States 4377th 20.94 Pinball Asylum 3-Strikes Bonan - 3rd
74th Anthony Vallone 16 Cinnaminson, NJ, United States 4443rd 20.38 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 193rd
75th Renzo Cawley 14 Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 4482nd 20.05 System 11 World Championship - 14th
76th Tyler Dipper 12 Hastings, Haw, New Zealand 4493rd 20 Flip Frenzy at Marks! - 3rd
77th Jake Niksick 15 Omaha, NE, United States 4539th 19.66 Beercade Pin-Golf - 2nd
78th Viggo Juliusson 12 Sweden 4608th 19.16 Kristianstads Månadstävling - 1st
79th Daniel Wallace 17 Kingsbridge, United Kingdom 4721st 18.33 Belgian Open Pinball - 34th
80th Rachel McCarthy 16 Conifer, CO, United States 4734th 18.23 Dory Hill Campground Pinball C - 2nd
81st Traeger Rader 16 KS, United States 4886th 17.19 KCAPA Pizza West Tournament - 1st
82nd Niklas Ott 13 Nürnberg, Germany 4917th 17.02 German Pinball Open - 20th
83rd Paige Casselman 11 Ottawa, ON, Canada 4952nd 16.77 Ottawa Pinball League - 5th
84th Mathew Winteregg 17 Fort Wayne, IN, United States 5015th 16.43 Stern Army Fort Wayne Pinball - 5th
85th Brayden Silva 14 Lubbock, TX, United States 5078th 16.06 Dirt City September Open - 1st
86th Gavin MacAlpine 12 Austin, TX, United States 5117th 15.84 Texas Pinball League - 44th
87th Quinn Verschuren 13 Cleveland, OH, United States 5208th 15.36 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 797th
88th Jacob Medows 10 Dallas, TX, United States 5241st 15.19 Tournament at 2019 DFW Summer - 4th
89th Mia Lewis 17 La Crescenta-Montrose, CA, United States 5295th 14.89 Dead Flip Gogi Takeover, a Str - 4th
90th Wyland Gilmore 14 Las Vegas, NV, United States 5420th 14.25 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 111th
91st Graeme MacAlpine 14 Austin, TX, United States 5447th 14.1 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 764th
92nd Leah Reilhan 14 Port Moody, BC, Canada 5549th 13.55 Flipper Freaks - 3rd
93rd Madeline Anderson 16 Shawnee, KS, United States 5596th 13.36 KCAPA Pizza West Tournament - 4th
94th Weston Gilmore 10 Las Vegas, NV, United States 5654th 13.08 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 48th
95th Janne Kuoppamäki 14 Helsinki, Uus, Finland 5675th 12.99 Finnish Pinball League - 7th
96th Asa Yopp 14 Arlington, TN, United States 5696th 12.92 Spinner Rip, Wednesday Feb. 26 - 3rd
97th Chris Budinetz 12 Allentown, PA, United States 5813th 12.48 Penn Skate Arcade Monthly - 1st
98th Hannah Cameron 17 AZ, United States 5827th 12.43 Stern Army - Tilt Studio Tempe - 38th
99th Henry Sockrider 12 Shreveport, LA, United States 5895th 12.18 The Agony of Defeat Pin-Golf P - 1st
100th Lilly Haensch 15 Siegburg, NRW, Germany 5978th 11.82 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2019 - 4 - 59th