Replay: New Wizardry Keeps Pinball Rolling in the Internet Age

P1-BR273_PINBAL_G_20140910173810The Wall Street Journal released an article on the current pinball renaissance. Included in the release is a radio and video spot as well. Featured in the article is [player]Jessie Carduner[/player] (ranked 1200th in the world), [player]Mark Steinman[/player] (ranked 209th in the world), [player]Josh Sharpe[/player] (ranked 17th in the world), [player]Michelle McCleester[/player] (ranked 785th in the world), [player]Marvin Ortscheid[/player] (ranked 924th in the world), [player]Matt Quirk[/player] (ranked 1392nd in the world), [player]Chris Flohr[/player] (ranked 2503rd in the world) and [player]Trent Augenstein[/player] (ranked 10th in the world). Click HERE to read, watch and listen.

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